Brand new rotors and brake pads on a vehicle in Springfield, IL, that was hearing grinding notices when braking.

How to Tell When Your Vehicle Needs New Brakes

Whether on the open highway, on a city street in Springfield, or in a residential neighborhood, fewer things are more frightening than discovering that your brakes have stopped working. However, proper vehicle maintenance from our experts at Jack Stoldt Auto Services Center can help prevent this from happening, including awareness of signs that something’s going wrong with your brakes. Following are six telltale signs that your brakes may be in danger of failing.

You Hear Grinding or Squealing Sounds

If you hear grinding or high-pitched squealing noises when you apply the brakes in your vehicle, that could indicate that your car is due for new brakes. At the very least, you probably need new brake pads. Be sure to get to an auto repair service as soon as possible when you notice these sounds.

You Notice a Puddle in Your Driveway

If you notice a puddle in your driveway that’s roughly the same color and consistency as motor oil but isn’t quite as oily, chances are good that it’s brake fluid — and if you’ve got brake fluid in your driveway, you’ve got a leak in your braking system. The experts at Jack Stoldt Auto Services Center should be able to tell you if the brakes can be repaired or if you need a car brake replacement.

A professional mechanic holding up an old and worm brake pad and a new brake pad to show the difference and when your vehicle needs new brakes.Your Brake Pedal Vibrates When You Press It

Another warning sign that your car brakes may be failing is when the pedal vibrates or shakes when you apply the brakes. This could mean the brake rotors are worn out and must be replaced.

Your Car Is Slow to Stop

If the vehicle stops slowly when you step on the brakes, you must take your car to an auto repair service in Springfield as soon as possible. This is a serious sign of failing brakes that should never be ignored.

Your Brake Pedal Suddenly Seems Overly Touchy

On the flip side of being too slow to stop when the brake pedal is applied, malfunctioning brakes sometimes become so touchy that the vehicle jerks to a stop at the slightest pressure on the pedal.

A silver vehicle in traffic in Springfield, IL, on the way to get new brakes from professional mechanics.Your Car Pulls to One Side When the Brake is Applied

If the car pulls to one side when you apply the brake, this is a possible indication of worn brake linings and could also mean that a significant amount of debris has managed to get into your brake fluid. While this may not necessarily mean that you need new brakes, you must take your vehicle to an auto service so the problem can be properly diagnosed.

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