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ASE-Certified Car Mechanics for Over 40 Years in Springfield IL

Maintain the health of your car with car maintenance and engine repair from Jack Stoldt Auto Service in Springfield, IL. Our experts have been providing long-lasting repairs and routine maintenance for vehicles of all makes and models for over 40 years. You can rely on our experts to deliver dependable and fair-priced automotive services from regular oil changes and filter replacement to engine and transmission repair. Our auto shop provides a variety of standard repair services as well as on-site maintenance for quick and easy same-day services. When you schedule a visit with one of our ASE-certified experts, we’ll provide a free estimate and inspection upon arrival.

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Scheduled Maintenance

General maintenance is one of the only ways to ensure the longevity and safety of your vehicle. There are several monthly and annual servicing options for car owners to invest in, all of which our shop handles at Jack Stoldt Auto Service. From oil changes and car battery replacement to windshield wipers, filter changes, and headlights, our mechanics have years of experience and certifications to help. Preventative maintenance on your vehicle is not only a great way to keep you safe on the road, but it helps prevent major repairs and expenses in the future. Schedule an oil change or other maintenance service from our ASE-certified technician in Springfield, IL.

Engine Repair

Our shop is known for specializing in heavy-duty repairs for residential and commercial vehicles in Springfield, IL. One of our featured services includes complete engine repair on cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, belts, and other systems connected to your engine. If you notice smoke coming from your exhaust, vibrations coming from the front of your vehicle, or complete loss of power, you may need a mechanic to identify and perform repairs on your engine. Jack Stoldt Auto Service will run computer diagnostics to identify where your engine may be failing and provide immediate repairs for long-lasting efficiency. To learn more about which repairs may be needed for your engine, schedule a repair at our mechanic shop in Central Illinois.

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Engine Replacement

When repairs to your vehicle are extensive, many times, our mechanics will encourage replacing your entire engine. Although this service can be expensive, more often than not, it is a much more reasonable and affordable solution than buying a new car. If your vehicle is constantly overheating, exerting too much exhaust fumes, or has frequent loss of power, Jack Stoldt Auto Service is here to perform expert engine replacement at our shop in Springfield, IL. For heavy-duty jobs like this, it’s important to take your vehicle to a trusted and experienced mechanic to get the job done. For over 40 years, our shop has been the #1 choice for vehicle owners when their engine needs replacing. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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Transmission Repair

If the engine is the heart of your vehicle, then the transmission is the circulatory system. It is the vessel that keeps your engine running and distributing its power to your wheels, pushing your vehicle in motion. When your transmission stops working, your vehicle becomes useless and needs immediate repair. At Jack Stoldt Auto Service, we provide comprehensive transmission repair services to automatic and manual vehicles in Springfield, IL. Our mechanics will inspect your transmission system and perform any adjustments or replacements to your seals and external parts. If you notice a burning smell coming from your car, leaking fluid, or grinding and shaking while driving, contact our shop for transmission repair services.

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Transmission Replacement

Your transmission, referred to as the gearbox, uses several gears and moving parts to transfer speed and torque to your engine. When these gears break down or are no longer able to be repaired, your transmission will need to be replaced. Fortunately, our mechanics at Jack Stoldt Auto Service specialize in heavy-duty transmission replacement for vehicles of all makes and models in Central Illinois. Our ASE-certified mechanics will remove your faulty transmission and replace it with a new or rebuilt system that will have your car running like new. To schedule a replacement service, contact our shop in Springfield, IL and our team will provide a free estimate after a thorough inspection.