• Auto Repairs and Service from ASE-Certified Mechanics in Springfield Illinois

  • Brakes

    We offer full-service brake jobs from brake pads and rotors to brake line replacement and repair. We can even fix those abs lights or brake lights you see on the dash.

  • Air Conditioning

    We are the experts. We offer full service and repair for your air conditioner. We can even add air conditioning to your car or truck if it never had it.

  • Computer Diagnostics

    Is your check engine light on? Our techs are fitted with the most up to date diagnostic tools to plug into your car or truck to diagnose any lights on your dashboard. We can pull codes and track down a solution, guaranteed.

  • Alignments

    We offer both 2-wheel alignments and 4-wheel alignments for your car or truck. If your vehicle is pulling left or right or wearing tires, there is probably an alignment issue. We will get your car straightened up!

  • Suspension

    Hearing a pop, groan, creak, or rattle? We can fix it! Our techs can inspect any component of your car's undercarriage and suspension to fix anything that is broken or in need of repair.

  • Scheduled Maintenance

    All fluids in your car need to be changed at some point. We offer oil changes, coolant services, and transmission services. We use only vehicle specific fluids for your car or truck. We can also tune your vehicle up from spark plug replacement to timing belt components.