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4 Top Car Problems That Are Easily Overlooked

In Springfield, IL, numerous residents disregard certain car issues until they escalate into major problems. Although regular oil changes and tire rotations are often prioritized, other crucial components of our vehicles may be overlooked. At Jack Stoldt Auto Services Center, we provide a range of car services to ensure your vehicle’s smooth operation. Below, you will find four commonly neglected car problems that can significantly affect your vehicle’s performance and safety.

Brake Pads

Brake pads are a crucial safety feature in our vehicles, yet they are often disregarded. As time passes, brake pads gradually wear down, but when this issue is overlooked, it can result in potentially expensive repairs. Neglecting worn-out brake pads compromises your ability to stop quickly and safely and risks damaging other crucial braking components like rotors. By prioritizing regular inspections and timely replacement of brake pads, you can guarantee the proper functioning of your brakes and ensure your safety while on the road.

Engine Air Filter

Dirt and dust tend to pass through your engine, posing potential risks. That’s where the engine air filter plays a crucial role in preventing contaminants from entering. However, it’s common for the air filter to become clogged, hindering airflow to the engine. This obstruction can harm fuel efficiency, reduce engine performance, and even result in long-term damage. By scheduling regular inspections and timely engine air filter replacement, you can significantly enhance your car’s performance, extend your engine’s lifespan, and ultimately save money on fuel expenses.

Suspension System

The suspension system in your vehicle plays a crucial role in maintaining control and providing a comfortable ride while you’re on the road. However, issues may gradually arise, causing wear and tear on components like shocks, struts, and bushings. This wear can lead to uneven tire tread and a bumpy ride. Neglecting the suspension system can also impact your vehicle’s steering and wheel alignment. At Jack Stoldt Auto Services Center, we offer comprehensive repairs for your suspension system, ensuring a smooth and safe driving experience. Additionally, we provide free estimates and inspection services for all repairs, allowing you to make informed decisions about your vehicle’s needs.


Steering is crucial for controlling your car, yet it’s a commonly overlooked issue. Many drivers tend to neglect regular wheel alignments if the vehicle drives straight. However, even a slight misalignment can significantly affect steering performance. When your steering wheel is misaligned, it leads to uneven tire wear, necessitating frequent replacements. These steering problems can pose risks in inclement weather or during high-speed maneuvers. To ensure a smooth ride, it’s necessary to regularly check your wheel alignment, particularly after encountering a pothole on a Springfield, IL road. By doing so, you can have it adjusted and guarantee ideal steering control for a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

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Car maintenance goes beyond the basic oil change. By remaining cautious and paying attention to often neglected components such as brake pads, engine air filters, suspension systems, and steering, you can avoid major problems and save yourself from costly repairs. At Jack Stoldt Auto Services Center, our team of experts is dedicated to providing durable repairs and replacements that stand the test of time. When you contact us for car repair services, you can rest assured that your vehicle will receive top-notch service as we prioritize quality. Our goal is to restore your vehicle’s top performance so you can avoid the common car problems that often go unnoticed. Call 217.522.9113 today to schedule an inspection.

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