A car with a dashboard that has several maintenance lights on due to a lack of repair services from an expert mechanic in Springfield, IL.

The Maintenance Lights on Your Dashboard & What They Mean

Even if you’ve done everything right and performed regular vehicle maintenance, you may see an engine maintenance light on your dashboard. Knowing what each light means can help you determine just how serious the issue is and whether you need to bring it to the shop. Jack Stoldt Auto Service Center in Springfield, IL, can diagnose the problem and repair the car quickly, so you’re back on the road.

Oil Light

The oil light showing up means that your oil pressure is low. If you bring your car into our shop in Springfield, IL, we can check to see if your engine is burning oil or if you have a leak somewhere. You don’t want to ignore this light because oil is the lifeblood of your engine.

A tire pressure light on the dashboard of a modern vehicle in Springfield, IL, that requires tire repair and maintenance services.Tire Pressure Light

This indicator may mean that you have a punctured tire, but pay attention to other factors, such as the weather. Your tire pressure drops as the temperature does, so you may be able to fill the tire with air. However, if you hear a hissing sound or cannot inflate the tire, it’s probably punctured.

Traction Control Light

When this light appears, there’s a problem with your traction control system, and you shouldn’t leave it to chance. Instead, stop by Jack Stoldt Auto Services Center to have the issue checked out so that you stay safe.

Thermometer Light

If you see a symbol that looks like a thermometer, your engine is overheated, and you need to check the coolant level. There could be a leak that is causing the issue, so you should bring it in to see if you need a vehicle repair.

ABS Light

If the ABS light stays on for more than a few seconds after you turn your car on, there’s a problem with your braking system. It would be dangerous to ignore this issue, especially during wet or cold weather.

A close-up image of a check engine light on the dashboard of a vehicle that requires repair from a professional mechanic in Springfield, IL.Check Engine Light

This issue can be challenging to diagnose because there are many reasons the check engine light may turn on. It could be as simple as an open gas cap releasing fumes into the air, so make sure to check that before rushing to the shop. If that’s not the issue, it’s best to let a mechanic look at it to see if something serious is going on with your engine.

Battery Light

The battery light doesn’t reveal problems with your car battery. It comes on when one of the other components that keep your battery charged, such as your alternator, is malfunctioning. It’s essential to bring the car in for service if you see this light appear.

Stay Calm and Give Us a Call

Seeing a maintenance light appear is not the end of the world, but you must check it out. Jack Stoldt Auto Services Center in Springfield, IL, has served the area for over 40 years. Contact us today or call 217.522.9113 to schedule an appointment.

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