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5 Questions You Need To Ask When Choosing A Mechanic To Fix Your Car

Auto repairs are not always cheap, and if done incorrectly, they can cause problems for your car. You want to ensure to pick a mechanic you can trust with the repairs you need. However, sometimes, finding trustworthy, skilled auto mechanics can be so it’s imperative to make an informed decision when choosing the right mechanic for the job. Because we care about our community at Jack Stoldt Auto Services Center, we have created a list of 5 important questions to ask auto mechanics before starting car maintenance on your vehicle. Hopefully, the answers will help you feel more confident in your choice for auto repairs.

Have You Worked on This Model Before?

All cars are created differently, so you don’t want someone guessing when working on your vehicle. To ensure that you get reliable car maintenance from a reputable auto service company, be sure the mechanic is familiar with the model of your car and knows what they are doing. Some more intricate repairs require an experienced professional, so make a note to ask if the mechanic has worked on the model of your car first before choosing them for the job.

Car on coins to indicate the diagnostic cost for car service from an auto shop in Springfield Illinois.What Is the Diagnostic Cost?

Cost is just as important as the quality of the work. Car maintenance and auto repairs can be pricey so you want to make sure you can afford the diagnostic and the service. Unfortunately, some unprofessional mechanics will try to rip off unaware customers in the diagnostic stage, which is why we recommend for all customers to ask potential mechanics how much the diagnostic fee will cost before any service is done.

Are All of These Repairs Necessary?

Typically, after the diagnosis is complete, the mechanic will note anything they see that will need repair work done. To earn a few extra bucks, some unprofessional auto shops will add on a few services that are not required for the repairs you need. Although they may benefit your vehicle’s longevity, the extra car maintenance suggestions can sometimes be addressed later. To save money, always be sure the listed repairs are absolutely necessary for the issue at hand.

Is There a Warranty on Your Services or Parts?

To save money in the future, it is crucial to ask if there are any warranties on services and parts. Most auto repair shops offer a warranty on their labor and the parts they use, which comes in handy in case something breaks within the allotted time frame. Unfortunately, not everything is fixed the first time, so it is important to have a warranty just in case the car maintenance issue wasn’t fixed the first time.

Invoice for car maintenance and repair service from a local auto repair shop in Springfield, Illinois.Will I Get an Invoice?

Invoices for repairs are important things to keep when owning a car. They allow you to see a breakdown of everything that happened during the repair. Moreover, written invoices are useful when you decide to sell your car in the future. You want potential buyers to know that the car was well taken care of and is worth their money. Before finally choosing a mechanic for an auto repair job, make sure you ask if you will get a written invoice to keep.

At Jack Stoldt Auto Services Center, we pride ourselves on being an honest team that will never steer you in the wrong direction. You can call us at 217.522.9113 to learn more about our auto services.

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