Warning lights in vehicle indicating needed services from a local auto shop in Springfield, Illinois.

Why you shouldn’t ignore your warning lights

We rely on our dashboard lights to tell us when something is wrong with our car. It is important to listen to these and address the issues as soon as possible. If not, the problems could become worse and could require more expensive repair services or even put your life in danger. At Jack Stoldt Auto Services Center, we created a list of warning lights you should not ignore. When these lights appear, call us at 217.522.9113 to schedule the necessary auto services.

ABS Warning Lights and Brake Fluid Indicators

Your brakes are one of the most important parts of your car, so if the parts that allow them to work successfully are not in great condition or are damaged, this can threaten your safety. Whether your ABS or brake fluid light is on, then that means that your brakes can not work properly. Contact us today so that we can detect the issue and resolve the issue.

Check engine light warning car owner that auto services are needed by a mechanic in Springfield, IL.Check Engine Light

The severity of the problem can vary when your check engine light comes on. It can be caused by a loose gas cap or something more serious involving your engine. Since the check engine light does not specify the problem, you must take your vehicle to an auto shop like Jack Stoldt’s Auto Service Center ASAP so a professional can detect and repair the issue.

Engine Temperature Light

As a car owner, you don’t want to overheat your engine. If you continue to overheat the engine of your vehicle, this can result in pricey repairs. The thermometer light or the temperature life indicates when your engine is overheating. If the light turns on, you should pull over immediately and turn the car off. Bring your car to the shop so that a professional can find a solution to the overheating.

Oil Pressure Light

Your engine needs oil to run smoothly, if your oil levels become too low, this can cause severe engine and motor damage. Your oil pressure light will alert you when your oil levels are too low. To avoid being stranded on the side of the road due to a motor breakdown, you should call a mechanic ASAP when your oil pressure light comes on.

Tire pressure is being checked by a professional mechanic in Springfield, Illinois.Tire Pressure Indicator

Tires are an essential part of your vehicle that allows you to get from point A to point B. That is why you should make sure they are in perfect condition at all times. If your tire pressure light indicator light appears on your dashboard, then that means the pressure in your tires is too low or too high. Faulty tires can affect how your car drives which can put your life at risk. Sometimes, this warning light can mean you have a faulty pressure sensor. Either way, you should have your vehicle and tires examined if this light appears.

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