• Summer Cleaning Hacks for Your Vehicle

    September 1, 2022
  • A person using a power washer to clean the exterior of a four-door vehicle in Springfield, IL, as a summer cleaning hack.

    Springfield, Illinois is home to harsh winters and hot summers, so keeping your vehicle clean may extend its life by protecting it from the elements. Jack Stoldt Auto Service Center has provided the area with quality service for over 40 years. Here are our recommendations for summer vehicle cleaning this year.

    Cleaning the Interior of Your Vehicle

    A woman smiling and wearing a tank top while vacuuming her vehicle in Springfield, IL, as a summer cleaning hack.It would be best if you began cleaning everything out of your vehicle when the weather starts warming up. First, throw out all the garbage gathered over the winter throughout your interior, and then give your car a thorough vacuuming. Once the trash is out, you want to clean all the surfaces. You can find cleaners made specifically for vehicles that restore the color of your surfaces and give them a radiant luster.

    Exterior Car Cleaning

    Winter weather in Springfield, IL, invites dirt and salt to the roads. Salt accumulation isn’t suitable for your vehicle because it can cause the metal to rust and erode your undercarriage and body. When you wash your car, make sure that you only non-abrasive cloths and brushes. Giving the exterior a coat or two of wax in the spring can protect your vehicle from harmful UV rays and heat in the summer and makes washing your car easier the next time you need to give it a cleaning.

    If you notice any rust accumulation on your vehicle during your spring cleaning, it’s a good idea to bring it to Jack Stoldt Auto Services Center for an inspection. Our mechanics can ensure that the rust hasn’t damaged any critical components of your vehicle and perform any needed auto repair before the issue causes a breakdown.

    Keeping Your Car Clean Through the Summer

    A car air freshener in the shape of a car used to keep the vehicle clean and smelling fresh throughout the summer in Springfield, IL.The best time to create an organizational system is right after you’ve given your car a thorough summer cleaning. Then, you can take the time to install a first aid kit, organize your glove box and center console and buy a seat cover for the back row. This is especially helpful if you own a dog that sheds and brings dirt into your vehicle because you can remove the cover whenever you need to clean your car in the future.

    Seat covers are also great for protecting your vehicle during trips to the beach or pool. Combine this with a back seat organizer so that your children have a place to put their toys, electronic devices, and anything else they want to bring along. Finally, consider adding an air freshener as a final step to keep your interior smelling fresh. You can find ones hanging from your mirror or glued to your air vents.

    Car Maintenance for a Reasonable Price in Springfield, IL

    Whether you need routine car service or require a serious car repair, you can trust the ASE-certified mechanics at Jack Stoldt Auto Services Center to get it done. Contact us now to set up an appointment or call 217.522.9113.