• 5 Engine Noises That Require Immediate Attention

    June 1, 2022
  • A professional mechanic in a blue jumpsuit with a yellow keyboard inspecting the engine of a vehicle in Springfield, IL.

    Is your car’s engine making strange noises that you never noticed before? You shouldn’t wait for a breakdown to do something about those sounds. Jack Stoldt Auto Service Center in Springfield, IL offers reliable car maintenance by ASE-certified mechanics. We can help you determine the source of those annoying sounds, whether it’s a bad filter, leaky hose, or something that requires more attention.

    Popping Sounds

    The severity of the problem can vary from something as simple as an air filter clog to something far more serious. If you notice a popping sound, you shouldn’t ignore it because you may have an engine exhaust leak. A certified mechanic can get to the root of the issue and suggest the correct car repair options.

    A car engine smoking and making noises that will require immediate engine repair services in Springfield, IL.Hissing Noises

    Whenever you hear hissing, it’s a sign of leaks or overheating because the vapor is escaping somewhere to produce the noise. Just like with popping noises, you could be looking at a minor and easy fix or something that requires more attention. Bringing your vehicle into our shop in Springfield, IL for an engine inspection will allow us to determine whether you require a simple fix or a more complex vehicle repair.

    Engine Knocking

    Engine knocking usually indicates a problem somewhere in your fuel injection or ignition system. When spark plugs or fuel injectors fail, fuel may be present in your cylinders. This is a problem because the combustion of fuel is what moves the pistons and the presence of gas in your cylinders indicates that the fuel isn’t being ignited efficiently. You definitely shouldn’t wait to bring your car in for an engine diagnostics test to find the root of the issue.

    Squeaking or Squealing

    Most squeaks or squeals come from your brakes. Modern brake pads are actually designed to make a high-pitched noise when they’re near the end of their life. This is so that you have time to bring the car into the shop before you begin grinding your rotors down. Jack Stoldt Auto Services Center can make sure that your entire braking system is working the way that it should when you bring your vehicle in so that you stay safe on the road.

    A professional mechanic in Springfield, IL providing repair services to a faulty engine in a residential car.Grinding or Rumbling

    The best way to determine the source of a grinding or rumbling sound is to consider where it’s coming from when you hear it. Damaged mufflers are known to make this sound because they’re no longer reducing your engine’s noise like they did before. A faulty transmission also makes rumbling or grinding sounds too, so pay attention to whether the sound occurs during shifting and is accompanied by shaking or lurching.

    Affordable Auto Repair in Springfield, IL

    Jack Stoldt Auto Services Center has served the area for over 40 years. Our ASE-certified mechanics have the experience needed to perform repairs that you can count on. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or give us a call at 217.522.9113.