• The Best Car Maintenance & Service Checklist For Your Vehicle

    April 1, 2022
  • A mechanic in Springfield, IL holding a car maintenance and service checklist to ensure the vehicle is running efficiently.

    Want to know what the mechanics here at Jack Stoldt Auto Services Center in Springfield, IL look for when inspecting your vehicle? Here is a comprehensive service checklist to consider when scheduling car maintenance appointments.

    Fluid Levels

    You should make sure that all of your fluids are at the manufacturer’s recommended levels. It’s a good idea to check your oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and washer fluid and have them topped off if needed. Low fluid levels can indicate a leak or burn-off, so you should check for the source of low fluid levels.


    Dirty air and oil filters can have a negative impact on engine performance. You should have your oil filter changed with each oil change and have your air filter checked routinely. Replacing these items is a minor expense compared to what it would cost to perform a more extensive auto repair.

    A professional mechanic checking a tire for the appropriate tire pressure and quality tread in Springfield, IL.Tire Pressure and Treads

    Improperly inflated tires can affect your gas mileage, shocks, suspension, and more. You want to make sure that the treads are at a safe level and rotate your tires regularly to make sure they wear evenly. The weather can impact tire pressure, so you may need to add air at colder temperatures and let some out when the weather gets warmer.

    Brakes and Rotors

    It’s important to bring your car into Jack Stoldt Auto Service Center routinely for brake service so that you’re safe on the road. Having your brakes changed at the proper intervals can improve the life of your rotors as well, which saves you money in the long run.

    Belts and Hoses

    A routine vehicle service inspection includes checking for frayed belts, leaky hoses, and other minor issues that could create larger problems down the road. It’s much easier and cheaper to replace a worn belt than to have engine work done because you neglected the issue.

    Battery Check

    Springfield, IL is known for its cold winters. You don’t want to be stuck in the cold because your car wouldn’t start in the cold. It’s an excellent idea to have a battery check performed and to replace your battery if it’s not up to par.

    A professional mechanic checking a tire for the appropriate tire pressure and quality tread in Springfield, IL.Spark Plugs and Starter

    A healthy engine depends on an efficient ignition system, which is why you should check your spark plugs, starter, and wires to make sure that everything is in top shape. If you need to have a tune-up, this can keep your vehicle at peak performance and improve its longevity.


    You don’t want to discover that your turn signal or brake lights aren’t working when you get pulled over for a violation. Make sure that your turn signals, brake lights, headlights, and high beams are all operating correctly so that they’re there when you need them.

    Top Quality Vehicle Maintenance in Springfield, IL

    Contact us today to schedule your routine maintenance at Jack Stoldt Auto Services Center. Our ASE-certified mechanics can identify and repair any issues with your car so that you can stay on the road. Give us a call at 217.522.9113.