• Winter Tires V.S. All-Season Tires: What’s the Difference?

    March 1, 2022
  • A vehicle in Springfield, IL with brand new all-season tires in the winter from our auto repair shop.

    Springfield, IL receives a considerable amount of snow each year, which is why we receive a lot of questions regarding the best winter tire setup here at Jack Stoldt Auto Service Center. The right tires for you will depend on how much you drive and whether the streets you travel are maintained well. Many people don’t know the key differences between all-season tires and winter tires and this guide should help you make an informed choice.

    All-Season Tires

    If you’re expecting light snow and regular rain throughout the year, a set of all-season tires can usually do the trick for you. The main drawback to these tires is that they’re most suitable for light snow and temperatures above 45F. They add some needed traction during a snowfall, but the rubber isn’t as flexible when the thermometer drops. These are great tires for the spring, summer, and fall because they’re designed to handle a variety of weather conditions.

    A close-up image of studless winter tire covered in snow from a road in Springfield, IL.Studless Winter Tires

    There are two types of winter tires to consider if you’re looking for a winter tire replacement. The first is studless tires. These are made of a different rubber compound that maintains its flexibility in freezing conditions and the tires have deeper grooves. The edges are also designed to push through the snow into the pavement so that you gain traction in snow and ice. For most people, these are what you need to take on winter conditions in Springfield, IL.

    Studded Winter Tires

    If you expect to do a lot of traveling during the winter or to take long road trips through ice and cold, you might want to consider studded winter tires. The metal studs spread throughout the treads sink into ice, gripping it as a normal tire would grip onto the pavement. You should consider these if you plan on driving over thick ice frequently because they perform much better on ice than a traditional all-season tire set.

    A vehicle having a tire rotation and tire alignment service from our auto repair shop in Springfield, IL for the winter.Tire Alignment and Rotation Matters

    Most people who purchase winter tires have them swapped out each year at the beginning of winter. When you change your tires, it’s important that they’re aligned properly and that they maintain a proper tire rotation. When it’s time to switch your tires, bring your car to Jack Stoldt Auto Services Center so that you know your tires have been aligned by an ASE-certified mechanic. We recommend a four-tire alignment whenever you change your tires just to make sure your steering doesn’t pull when you need it the most.

    Prepare for Winter with Jack Stoldt Auto Service Center

    Springfield, IL receives most of its snow during January and February, so make sure you’re not caught out in the cold. Contact us today to schedule a winter inspection, tire rotation, and routine car maintenance. You can fill out our contact form or give us a call at (217) 522-9113.