• 4 Easy Ways to Fix Scratches on Your Car

    October 15, 2021
  • Woman needing car repairs from an automotive service center in Springfield, IL.

    Everyone hates having a scratched-up car. You spent a lot of money on your car, so you want it to be in great condition and look its best. However, Scratches on your car are almost inevitable. Along with being visually unappealing, scratches can jeopardize the coating on your car which can result in serious repairs. Here are four easy ways to fix scratches on your car. For repairs, you can call Jack Stoldt Auto Services Center at (217) 522-9113 to learn more.

    A Scratch Kit

    There are many different scratch kits out there specifically created to fix the scratches on your car. You can typically find a scratch kit at any local auto store or car body shop. If this is your first time trying to fix a minor scratch on your own, a scratch kit is probably the most promising solution for you. However, if the scratch is more than just a slight scratch, we recommend having a professional treat the scratch.

    : Shoe Polish to remove car scratches. For major repairs go to a local automotive shop in Springfield, IL.Shoe Polish

    For the DIY enthusiasts, there are some at-home items you can use that can fix minor scratches. Shoe polish can be a great way to remove any scratches on your car. Before applying, make sure the scratched area is cleaned. The shoe polish will fill in the scratch to make the area look smooth and shiny again. Once applied, take soft sandpaper, and work the shoe polish through the scratched area. To finish, clean off the access polish, buff the surface, and then you are free to go!

    Nail Polish

    For individuals that wear nail polish, you can use that paint on more than just your nails. For a quick fix, nail polish can be used to cover any unattractive scratches your car may have. All you need to do is make sure you have nail polish similar to the color of your car, and you’re set! Clean off the area and apply an even coat of nail polish to the scratch. Wait for it to dry before adding another coat of paint. Remember, only do this for minor scratches, and bring your car to a professional if you have large and damaging scratches.

    Toothpaste to use on car scratches that can also be repaired by a local automotive shop in Springfield, Illinois.Toothpaste

    Hopefully, everyone has toothpaste in their home. Toothpaste ironically can fix more than just tooth grime and stains. If you have whitening toothpaste, you can apply this to the scratch to fill in the scratch. The grittiness of the toothpaste becomes a great buffer that will even out the area to remove the scratch. Since most people have toothpaste in their homes, this is a cheap and easy way to remove those small and unwanted scratches on your vehicle.