• How to Prolong the Life of Your Car

    August 15, 2021
  • Couple in the car with a prolonged car life expectancy with the help of car services in Springfield, IL

    When we purchase a car, we look for one that will be the best for our lifestyle for years to come. As an investment we want our cars to last as long as possible. So how do we ensure our cars last as long as they can before you need to trade it in for something that suits your next chapter in life? There are a few simple car maintenance services you can provide for your car to help prolong the life of your car. Listed below are four easy maintenance services we can help you with to help extend your car’s life expectancy. Contact us at (217) 522-9113 to learn more!

    Keep Up on Fluid Changes

    Your care requires a variety of fluids to help your car run smoothly. Most people are aware that you need to routinely change your engine oil, but there are other fluids in your vehicle that need attention and routine changing. These fluids include transmission fluid, radiator coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. All car owners should be aware of the fluids that their car needs to run as well as periodically check the fluids levels in between services. At Jack Stoldt Auto Service Center we can provide the services you need to change the fluids in your car.

    Car tire maintenance provided by car service in Springfield, IL to prolong the car’s life expectancy.Inspect Your Tires

    Everyone knows that their tires are essential parts of their vehicle. However, most people forget to check the pressure and condition of their tires before it’s too late. For you to extend the life of your vehicle, you should routinely check the condition of your tires along with checking their air pressure. Along with that, you should consider routine tire services like tire rotation. Tires in good condition protect your car and you from potential damage. Do you need help inspecting your tires? Contact us today for tire service!

    Swap Your Filters

    Are you aware of the filters that need routinely changed in your car? Filters help debris and fuel from damaging your vehicle. If you don’t know about the filters in your car, your owner’s manual has the information you may need to know when to replace the air filter as well as the fuel and oil filters. Although most oil filters are replaced at every oil change, your air filter is not; so it is best to know about your air filter and when it is suggested that it is replaced depending on the environment you live in. do you need your oil and oil filter changed? Make an appointment today and we can help you prolong the life of your car.

    Car getting car repairs by a car service company in Springfield, IL to prolong the car’s life expectancyStay On Top of Repairs

    The best thing you can do for your car is to keep up with car repairs. Tackling problems as soon as they arise can greatly prolong the life of your car. If you continue to ignore any issues you may be experiencing with your car, you are more likely to pay more money in the future as well as decrease the life expectancy of your vehicle. Scheduled car maintenance can help detect any issues before they get too bad. Our team of professionals at Jack Stoldt Auto Service Center provides exceptional scheduled car maintenance to help you stay on top of repairs to prolong the life of your car.